Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Day Dress by BCBG

There is an old expression to describe mediocrity..."Run of the mill".
When a factory produces fabric in bulk, it is used in many ways to create many things. They literally run the machines to create the fabric. While it may be nice, it's not exactly special.

What I love about BCBC as a company is that they produce fabrics with colors and patterns that are distinctly *not* run of the mill.

This little dress is a great example of #4, the day dress. The colors are so great! It can be worn with a short denim jacket if it's a little chilly, and some cute flats would make a really cute outfit to run around town, go to lunch or what the heck, go shopping!

Thanks ya!


fffabulous said...

I love it! Very chic and classy!

Lady Language said...

BCBG is one of my favorite designers that I splurge on from time to time. Nice dress!

dg said...

You know, I never knew where "run of the mill" came from! Cool to think about that. (Cute dress, too!)