Saturday, February 23, 2008

The Classic Dress Pant

Joes Jeans Button Welt Trouser in Morter

The classic dress pant. Yay! We can't wear our sweats EVERY day, no matter how cold it is outside. Sometimes a girl just has to put her big girl pants and act like a woman! What better way to act the part than to suit up and show up in these beautiful black dress pants made by Joe's Jeans?

Okay, so confession time. These are not *true* dress pants (I know you fabulous ladies took one look and knew that). ;) The reason I picked these is because in my neck of the woods, California, a black denim, if it's a good quality can be considered "dress". Also, I don't work in an office where a formal dress code has to be considered, so there's that.

What I love about these particular jeans is, first and foremost, they are stretch denim. Waaaay more comfortable than regular denim pants. Secondly, for my body type, the pockets sit slightly lower, giving my bum a more rounded appearance. Woo hoo! Joe's jeans are also a good quality pant. I have some that have taken a beating and they still look as fresh as the day I bought 'em. It's all about the quality!

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