Monday, December 31, 2007

Lush body soap

LUSH Handmade Natural Soaps

We first heard of LUSH from a friend who gave us some "Honey I washed the kids" while on a trip to Vegas. The smell is good enough to make your EYES roll back into your HEAD, it's that good. It's a warm sweet smell of honey and toffee. Good for sensitive skin and it leaves you smelling soooo good.

There are stores in Valley Fair or in San Francisco near Union Square. Of course you can always purchase it online if you don't want to brave the traffic and crowds. Enjoy!

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Steve Madden Black Pumps


Steve Madden shoes are so cool and funky...I just can't get enough of them! These are called "Brytni" and they are super sexy cool. I have to admit, I'm a bit of an attention junkie. Can I just say, I got soooo much attention wearing these shoes!? You know how guys give you that side

You might think these qualify as 10 min shoes, but they are surprisingly comfortable. I think the deception lies at the platform under the toe. The heel isn't really as high as it looks. And it doesn't hurt to wear the shoe pads either. ;)

Pyle iPod Player


We stayed at a hotel in SF, and while it was a nice room, there was no music! Of course I'm not counting the digital clock radio, yuk. We were up there with some friends and when I went to their room, it was like a party in there!

My girlfriend has this bumpin little iPod player she got from>. The sound quality was amazing and she had all our favorite dance club music on her iPod playlist. What a difference it makes to have some fun music playing in the background while you're getting ready to go out!

Glamour Hair Extensions

Can I just say, I'm so grateful to have been born in this country and in this day and age. Look at the fun girly girl stuff we get to play with! Glamour Hair Extensions

These super fun extensions come in synthetic and human hair. I like the Pop Hair Extensions because they are human hair, they clip on and you can curl or flat iron them. Perfect!

Saturday, December 29, 2007

ghd professional

This is the "ghd professional" flatiron/curling iron. On an overnight trip, it's great to have a compact tool that will both straighten and curl. I mean, why pack both? It leaves my hair really smooth but with that chunky curl that you see everywhere.

You can find it at Sephora. Get one so you can feel like a hot babe. ;)

Friday, December 28, 2007

Jo Malone

A great evening out ends with a great evening you better be smellin lovely! Start by layering your fragrance with Jo Malone body cream. I first heard about it on Oprah, then tried it for myself. Can I say heaven in a jar?! My fav is the French Lime Blossom.
It might sound like something you'd bite into after a shot of tequila but it's not...It's really fresh & clean.

When we went to the city a couple weeks ago I had it on and people commented on it all night. Can you imagine that? Either this is good stuff or I need to be wearing hotter clothes when we go dancing.

True Religion Jeans

My girlfriend Amy gave me my first pair of True Religion Jeans...yes, she's a true friend! I haven't had a really nice pair of jeans in a long time till then. It was like the sky parted and the rays of sun came down.

What I love most about these jeans is they fit me! I suffer from FBS (flat butt syndrome), yes I know it's sad. But not to worry, cuz if you have that same problem then these jeans are the answer.

Black Shirt

If you're going out to get some attention and have a good time, this is a sure fire winner. Sexy, but not too over the top. Yes, the plunging neckline shows off the cleavage nicely, and the fitted waist shows off your waist.

I got this at Forever 21 and wore it out to dinner with a pair of True Religion Jeans and black heals. Nice. ;)


Okay, so let's be real. Not all of us have a cute bubble butt.
In fact I do not, but hallelujah for the "Cognito" by Spanx Nylons!

Like about 5 million other women, I saw Sarah Blakley on Oprah talking
about Spanx and what they could do us girls.

These ones here can found online at
Yeaaaaaa Spanx!

Pleaser Platforms

OMG...Can I get some attention tonight?!

Pleaser Shoes. Nuff said.

Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvase Nice Beauty Case

Ah, nothing finer than LV on a trip...or at home! This little case makes my mouth water. It's called the Canvase Nice Beauty Case. I have a couple LV bags and I'm wishing for this little beauty.

I imagine myself on an over nighter to San Francisco, trotting into a nice hotel with my LV bag and this uber fabulous make up case. Come on lottery!

The Trench Coat

Tim Gunn says the trench coat is one the list of 10 things a woman must own. I couldn't agree more. A multitude of naughtiness can be hidden under this cute little coat. Long enough to keep you warm in winter (at least in California) and thin enough to keep you cool in the summer.

This cute little number comes from Bloomingdales.
Always sexy, always classy!

Mac Glitter Eyeliner

You're in the club, it's dark and the lights are flashing...and so are your eyes with this, Mac Glitter Eye Liner. It's a fun accessory, but the trick is to remember, a little goes a long way!

This trick with stuff is to use it to draw attention to your eyes. To do that, your clothes and jewelery should be sexy but simple. If you've too much going on...well, you'll look like a hooker. Now we don't want that, do we. ;)

Mac Lashes

Whenever I go out to a club or a party, I wear Mac Lashes. They are easy to put on and they look fabulous! The lashes really make your eyes stand out in pictures too. What I like most about the Mac Lashes are they are so durable!
I don't know how many times I've used them. You can even wash them, remove the glue and they won't fall apart. When you go to buy them, go just as you're about to hit the town. They'll put them on for you, including the eye shadow, mascara, and eye liner. Best deal in town!

Add a little "Umph" to your outfit from Mac Cosmetics. ;)

Foot Pads

When you love to wear heels as much as I do, and you love to dance like I do, foot pads are must! I always see women with their heels in their hands and the end of the night. Eww...ever walk barefoot in San Francisco? Not pretty, but I've done it because I literally could not take one more step. There is a solution...foot pads!

There are a ton of these out there, but the "FootSmart Gel Forefoot Pads" are really the best. And they're only $8.99!

Sexy Silver Studded Heels

Sexy Silver Studded Heels

These are my 10 minute heels...can't stand in them for more than 10 minutes. But my goodness...they are HOT! Doncha think?!

Of course I have a little trick to save my feet. I use the silicone foot pads in them. That way, I might even be able to dance a little bit. ;)