Thursday, February 28, 2008

I'm in the mood for trendy!

WetSeal_120x60_Dresses from $16.50_022108-033108

Here we are in the middle of Tim Gunn's top 10 essentials and I'm busting out with the fun stuff: One trendy item under $20! Yay!

Maybe it's the sunshine today or the fact that I feel really good today that I'm in such a trendy mood! When I'm lighthearted and feeling the urge to splurge WetSeal is a fun place to indulge. And such a sale! Dresses for $16.50?! Come on! This is sheer fun and it won't break the bank. Enjoy!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Day Dress by BCBG

There is an old expression to describe mediocrity..."Run of the mill".
When a factory produces fabric in bulk, it is used in many ways to create many things. They literally run the machines to create the fabric. While it may be nice, it's not exactly special.

What I love about BCBC as a company is that they produce fabrics with colors and patterns that are distinctly *not* run of the mill.

This little dress is a great example of #4, the day dress. The colors are so great! It can be worn with a short denim jacket if it's a little chilly, and some cute flats would make a really cute outfit to run around town, go to lunch or what the heck, go shopping!

Thanks ya!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

The Classic Dress Pant

Joes Jeans Button Welt Trouser in Morter

The classic dress pant. Yay! We can't wear our sweats EVERY day, no matter how cold it is outside. Sometimes a girl just has to put her big girl pants and act like a woman! What better way to act the part than to suit up and show up in these beautiful black dress pants made by Joe's Jeans?

Okay, so confession time. These are not *true* dress pants (I know you fabulous ladies took one look and knew that). ;) The reason I picked these is because in my neck of the woods, California, a black denim, if it's a good quality can be considered "dress". Also, I don't work in an office where a formal dress code has to be considered, so there's that.

What I love about these particular jeans is, first and foremost, they are stretch denim. Waaaay more comfortable than regular denim pants. Secondly, for my body type, the pockets sit slightly lower, giving my bum a more rounded appearance. Woo hoo! Joe's jeans are also a good quality pant. I have some that have taken a beating and they still look as fresh as the day I bought 'em. It's all about the quality!

Friday, February 22, 2008

The Basic Black Dress

Lotta Stensson Basic Wrap Dress in Black

Counting down, we have #2 of the 10 essentials list. The basic black dress! I'm sure you already have one. What fashionista worth her stilettos doesn't? However I must point out why this one is so great. This particular one is done in one of the most universally flattering styles to just about every body type: the wrap dress. Big hips? No problem, black is very slimming and the length can be varied. No boobs? No problem, a camisol can be worn under it. Dress it up with heals or wear it with flats and a cardigan for a more casual look. Viola...instant fabulous!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Classic White Shirt

Every style expert says you must have "The Ten Essentials" in your wardrobe. So, over the next ten days I'll list an example of each one. Let me rephrase...a risque chic example!

To kick off the top ten list, I'm starting with the classic white tailored shirt. This particular one caught my eye on "The Oprah Winfrey Show". It's by Brooks Brothers, and get this: It's iron free. That's right girls. Put your iron away! According to fashion editor Stacy Wallace-Albert, this tailored white shirt came *straight* out of the DRYER....and looked as a new $100 bill. I totally want one now! (Oprah tends to have that effect on me.)

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

A New Earth, Eckhart Tolle

A first for me here...a book recommendation! Beauty comes from the inside out, don't you think?
How many times have you thought, "Wow, that guy is handsome!" but after he speaks, you think maybe it's time to back away slowly.

I think it works the other way too. Picture this: average Joe who knows who he is, who has purpose and confidence...that's just damn sexy! Right girls?! Well, don't think men don't view us the same way.

This book is one of those books that truly brings out the best in you. I'm just about done and I have to say, it's been a long time since I've been this affected. My mind is on fire with thoughts that are bringing clarity. I can honestly say I feel happier and I know it shows.

So I ask you: If you're glowing from the inside, does it really matter what you wear on the outside? Yes! It does! Let's not get carried away...but read the book. It's super fabulous.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Free Shipping this weekend on Steve Madden Shoes!

Free Shipping over $100 at

Yay! Here's just a taste of some of his yummy shoes.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Batignolles Verticle

Guess who loves Louis Vuitton? I do! That's me last year after I bought a Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Batignolles Verticle. Whew..that's a mouth full! It's my favorite bag by a long stretch. Not to diminish my love for the little Vive Cite PM that I'm wearing. LOVE that little bad with the matching wallet. The thing about Louis Vuitton is the unparalleled quality. Louis Vuitton also has a long history of beautiful design and a reputation to match. In my humble opinion, there's nothing finer than an LV bag.

Some girls like to spend $50 per bag and they must have 30 least! For that much cash, I'd rather have one REALLY special bag that could be worn with ANYTHING than a bunch of cheap bags. I think the bag a woman chooses to carry says a lot about her. Don't you? So why not go for something that makes you feel like the special person you are? Go for it!

Crisscross Jimmy Choo Sandals

You can never go wrong buying quality. It's been my experience that when I buy quality, I actually spend *less* in the long run. Sounds good right? Well that's my justification for these amazing Jimmy Choo heels. Aren't they absolutely gorgeous?!

I'm seriously thinking of wearing these for Vanentine's Day...that and nothing else. That way my husband will be happy and I will be happy. ;)

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Alison Raffaele Lipskins


Alison Raffaele Lipskins

What's more classic for Valentine's Day than red lipstick? Um...nothing! Marilyn Monroe, Gwen Stefani, Madonna...they all immortalized the classic look of red lips.

You know the look. Simple black liquid eye liner, curled eye lashes bathed in black mascara above beautiful, plump, shimmery red lips. Muuuah!

Red is the color of love ladies. This perfect shade of classic red will get your man's heart pumpin on Valentine's Day. Trust me on this one. ;)

Palapa Wedge by Steve Madden


Maybe it's because it was just Ground Hog's Day, and we're looking at six more weeks of winter that I feel the need to rebel and shop for wedges already. I mean really, what does a ground hog know about shoes anyway?

Last season I found the cutest pair of wedges in black with a very similar basket type weave on the wedge. I LOVE those shoes! Not just because I get tons of compliments on them, but because they are unique. There are a lot of wedge heels out there that are simple, but reality is, they can be a little boring. Why not kick up your basket weave wedge for a little sassy fun? These pretty things are from Steve Madden...king of sassy!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Karma Body Soap by Lush

After a stressful day, there's no better feeling than standing under a hot shower with some Karma to wash it all away.

This amazing soap is sooooo yummy. Karma Handmade Soap
is an invigorating blend of orange citrus, a touch of patchouli and lemon grass. You want a soap to be cleansing, of course, but you also want it to leave your skin feeling smooth and moist. This one has it all.

If you ever get into a Lush store, you'll see these giant beautiful round cakes of soaps.