Monday, March 23, 2009

Ed Hardy Handbag


This month's issue of Vogue came out with a darling Ed Hardy bag that nearly made me drool all over the glossy pages. I tried to find the exact bag, but stumbled across yet another classic example of a great Ed Hardy Bag.

Canvas is perfect for summer. All the major fashion houses have created a canvas bag for summer. I have a super cute Louis Vuitton Canvas bag that still looks as good as the day I bought it. So these days, a lot of us are stretching out our budgets and LV just isn't in the cards. But shoot, an edge-y canvas bag by Ed Hardy adds some fun and spunk to your summer wardrobe.

Strut and be "Hardy" this summer!

Happy Shopping!


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fashionkraaziness said...

What a beautiful bag! Love Ed Hardy Handbags! They are soo trendy and you can take them everywhere. Gonna be a HAWT item this summer!

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